T H A N K   Y  O U   !

update early Monday morning: What a festival! We are amazed at what a virtual experience it was (we are exhausted just like we always after it’s over). Thank you to everyone who came, commented on the videos and shopped! Our hearts swell at your support and the good wishes we felt from so many this weekend. 


Did you delete May 2nd and 3rd, Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival from your calendar? I did with great sadness...but I'm adding it back in! The Festival is going virtual and we are ever so pleased to be back in preparation for it. The virtual festival will be hosted in a new “Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival Online Community” Facebook group and other social media platforms.

We will offer free shipping and a 10% discount during the full weekend of the festival. 

part of our 2019 Maryland booth: we are Shave 'Em to Save 'Em official providers

The good news is that EVERYTHING we have is available here on our online shop. No running to the truck to see if we have those two other matching skeins to complete your project and no wifi issues in the Main Exhibition hall... Inventory available is listed and everything is in stock and available online.

find just the yarn you’re looking for: 

One of the great things about meeting you at shows is the chance to find out what you like and the projects you have in mind and being able to personally recommend a breed and spin structure that can delight you. Throughout the weekend I will highlight different yarns from our warehouse, giving you virtual touching and smooshing opportunities. Debbie will be filling orders as they come in and all us Woolies (me, Kathy and Kim) will be monitoring the festival through our Facebook, Ravelry and Instagram feeds to answer any questions you might have. 

If you want a preview of some of our yarns and experience our festival booth with two outside experts that ask really good questions, check out KristyGlass’s tour of our 2019 Rhinebeck booth (we have all the same stuff!) and the Fruity Knitting segment on Solitude Wool  

For some amateur video...we are going to do some live videos during the festival. Here is our plan...we may embarrass ourselves, but this seems like a good time for that. 

9:30 am   intro and brief tour of warehouse 

10:30 am   distanced now, Ktog soon exclusive

11:30 am   Romney semi-worsted

2:30 pm   Shave ‘em to Save ‘em program/yarns

3:30 pm   Roving

9:30 am   Montadale true woolen spun

10:30 am   distanced now, Ktog soon exclusive

11:30 am   Coopworth sport and lace

2:30 pm   intro and brief tour of warehouse (with Jessica?)

3:30 pm   Targhee 2 and Targhee 3


Festival special! 

We have never done a special colorway for a specific festival before, but we never experienced a pandemic before either. Social distancing is weird and feeling weirder every day! Trying to capture the experience in a skein of yarn, we offer  "distanced now, Ktog soon" a skein (or two) with two colors that are dyed as far apart as they can be. Knit with them (or crochet...), and the colors stitch together (we will be back together eventually!). 

Each skein (or skeins) is a custom order to be dyed post festival. Work with me (by email or phone) to pick your two colors and select either undyed or color background. I will try to come close to what is in your mind’s eye colorwise, but leave me some artistic wiggle room okay?

Missing someone that you want to connect with through knitting? Maybe a color that represents you and one that represents them, or the common colors you both love.... Whatever the concept, you will have the pleasure of thinking of them as you knit. And wouldn't it be nice to send a gift to that person now? What a fun, uplifting surprise to receive during our imposed solitude. Get a skein for yourself and another for your special friend and each of you knit something? Get one skein and knit a gift for a non-knitting friend. Many possibilities....  

Final details revealed on Friday May 1st in the product details.


Kathy picked gray and rusty orange...she got a mustard gold with her gray...

Sue picked light colors, blue and green (she got blue and aqua...)

and then there is Jessica.....  


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