The weather forecast is divine! Please do come enjoy the lovely start of fall in the Shenandoah Valley. This festival is just the right size, big enough to have everything you want but not so crazy that you can’t talk with demonstrators, vendors and other wooley folk. Not claustrophobic!

Get all the details of where/when here.

We are in the Ruritan building at the front (booths 10/11)

What we will have at the booth (which I am so sorry to say means it won’t be available on the website until next Tuesday after the festival):

  • Montadale true woolen (including festival colorway "floating the Shenandoah" above)
  • Tunis 3 ply (natural dyed, Shave ’em to Save ’em aka se2se)
  • Cotswold true lace ( se2se)
  • Clun Forest light (se2se)
  • Karakul (se2se)
  • Targhee 2 ply 
  • Romney mohair
  • Border Leicester sport (natural dyed, Chesapeake Fibershed)
  • Montadale light (clearance sale)
  • Llama-rama! (Chesapeake Fibershed)
  • custom woven throws (undyed natural color plus natural dyed colors)
  • lots of roving! (both se2se and other breeds)

possibly others that we throw on the truck...

I will try to add more info here this week too.

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