Driving to and from our warehouse I listen to WAMU in my car, and I learn all sorts of interesting things.  From two recent programs I learned about the absolutely horrific working conditions on sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic, and in cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Often when I hear about such nightmarish happenings in the world, I wish I had super powers and could do something right there and then to help the exploited human beings stuck in that hellacious situation.  Alas, I have no super powers, and truth be told, all the reckless drivers near me on the road should be grateful for that.  I would disable their vehicles in a heartbeat if I could -- once they were safely levitated to the side of the road.
I do not have any special powers, not political, not financial, not otherwise, but what I do have is a bit of new-found knowledge to guide my future sugar and battery purchases (cobalt is in lithium-ion batteries).
[At the risk of sounding full of myself,] I also have a clear conscience about what I do for a living.  I can say with confidence, no human beings, no sheep, no other fiber animals, nor the environment were exploited, abused, or treated disrespectfully during the making of Solitude Wool yarns & fiber.  What we do not grow ourselves we source from respectful and respectable local sources, and I believe this shines through in our finished products.  

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