About Medium Wool

The wool for all reasons, Medium wool is so...medium: in length, strength, crimp, lustre, bulk etc. Most versatile of all the wool types, the fleece is suited to either woolen or worsted spinning and a wide variety of end uses.

Medium Wool Diagram | Solitude Wool

On the sheep: you may not have to bend down to check a fleece from one of these breeds, they are usually BIG sheep with a big fleece (of course there are execptions like Finn). The staple length is generally from 3 to 6 inches with a micron range of 24 to 31 (fairly soft) and crimps 6-7 per inch. The appearance is medium lustre.

Medium wool breeds: Corriedale, Finn, Columbia (western US), Tunis, Montadale, Cheviot

Choose this type of wool for a wide variety of knitwear, sweaters, scarves, projects for the home, woven yardage, blankets and tweeds. Can be spun woolen or worsted.