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Solitude Wool came into existence in 2006 when Gretchen Frederick and Sue Bundy, both shepherds of small flocks in Loudoun County, Virginia, discovered they were thinking about the same thing: make breed specific wool yarns from some of the many fleeces that were languishing or being thrown out by small farms we knew. 

We started very small and very slow, making the first two batches of yarn from the breeds we each raise: Romney and Karakul and then another from the first clip of a friend’s Leicester Longwood lambs. In the beginning Sue washed every fleece by hand and all our sales were at farmers markets in DC and Virginia. 

We are still a micro business, but we are growing slowly and organically. We sell nationally and occasionally even internationally, through our website (new and improved), wool festivals, fiber conferences and events...and still at farmers markets in the late fall. We have quite a bit of wool (!) and are thrilled (and relieved) to have warehouse/working space nearby.

Our used baby box truck named Tinkerbell, makes traveling to shows much easier and we have some really wonderful help with the many many tasks that goes into producing our yarns and roving. We have to thank our special customers who support our efforts to promote wool. Many of them volunteer with us as well.  


I’m Gretchen Frederick. My partner Joan Ferenczy and I live on a small farm named Solitude (we didn't learn the name for several years, it dates back at least to the turn of the last century). We have a big kitchen garden, raise Romney sheep, American Alpine dairy goats and appreciate all the wild life and how incredibly beautiful it is here in our hollow near the Blue Ridge in Northern Virginia. 

I am the spinner/dyer/weaver/ex-designer part of the Solitude Wool and do most of the customer support.

You can contact me by phone at:
 or by email at: 
Sue Bundy is the primary wool buyer for Solitude Wool and together we create all the mill spun yarns. Sue and her bee-keeper husband Bill Bundy live on a small farm named RedGate outside of Leesburg, Virginia. In addition to raising Karakul sheep, they have a guard llama named Gina and lots of chickens and assorted poultry.

If you have fiber to sell, contact Sue at:
 or by email at: