Alpaca Merino Yarn Cones

  • Same soft, elegant yarn we sell in skeins, but on cones. Lovely weft yarn.
  • -design: 2-ply (the best structure for lace knitting or weaving), semi-worsted spun
    -size: lace weight, varies a little between colors, but approximately 24 wpi 2800 yds per pound
    -suggested use: weft yarn, not strong enough for warp
    -care: hand wash warm with low agitation, lay flat to dry or can be dry cleaned.
  • -fiber source: hand selected alpaca fleeces from Dark star Alpacas, Buttonwood Alpacas and Alpacas at Sunset Acres, Clarke County, Virginia and Merino from Black Sheep Farm, Waverly farm and Mere laur Farm in Loudoun County, Virginia
    -fiber content: 80% alpaca and 20% Merino wool.

    Alpaca is a fine camalid fiber, a hair fiber actually, that is very soft. Blending a very Fine wool from Merino sheep adds some memory and body so your project won't continue to grow or stretch out of shape over time.

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