Border Leicester Yarn - Plyed on Cones

  • Finer in diameter than our Border Leicester sport with strength added in the ply, our Border Leicester yarn plyed on cones is suitable for most warps (not great for rigid heddle) or weft. Combine this yarn as warp with a lighter, softer yarn as weft…like our Border Leicester soft spun yarn in either fog or cloud.
  • design: 2-ply (the best structure for lace knitting or weaving), semi-worsted spun with very light twist in singles, but extra twist in the plying for strength
    size: fingering weight, 16 wpi, 1000 yards per pound
    suggested use: warp or weft yarn. Will dye beautifully!
    care: hand wash warm with low agitation, lay flat to dry or can be dry cleaned.
  • fiber source: hand selected fleeces from Overlook Manor, Warrenton, Virginia and Orange Gate Farm, Maurerton, Virginia
    fiber content: 100% Border Leicester wool.
    Border Leicester yarn is a Longwool breed developed in the 18th century in the borderlands between England and Scotland (hence the name). Related by breeding to the Leicester Longwool and Blue-Faced Leicester, it is in the middle of those breeds for softness and has beautiful lustre and drape. A very personable sheep, they are clean faced with Roman noses. The white fleece is ivory color.

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