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Want to learn about different breeds of sheep and how their wool looks, feels and performs differently? The best way is to experiencing them first hand: knit, test and record.

In each swatch pair pack you will get two 80 yard skeins of yarn selected for contrast to provide an experience for your hands and build your knitter’s cache of knowledge. Each pair pack is numbered so that if you try one and get can look for another that will give you an experience of two other yarns for a new experience.

You will be able to make two swatches from each skein: One 6" x 6" Stockinette stitch swatch surrounded by a Garter stitch border and a second swatch approximately 8" x 8" with your choice of stitch patterns.

Keeping a record of your experiences will pay dividends in future projects. There are two SWATCH NOTES in each pack. Fill them starting even before winding into a ball and after you're done, keep them with your swatches.



Soap box pitch:

Spinners are able to do breed studies fairly readily now. Their interest and support encourages more shepherds/farms and companies to pay attention to fleece and breeds. The result is a greater variety of fleece and roving available (which supports a greater diversity of sheep!). 

Knitters have a harder time. There are more breed-specific yarns now than there were a decade ago, and if knitters are looking for more variety in their yarns and get interested and excited about them, companies will seek out and make more. 

Knitting, like eating, is an agricultural act! We applaud your interest in breed-specific yarns and hope you will begin to ask your yarn stores, manufacturers and on social media that you want them.

Thank ewe! 



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