Cashmere - Raw combed from Loudoun County, VA

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Raw, Briesbrook Farm cashmere.  Grown in Loudoun County, VA.  

Raw cashmere?  What’s that?  It is the downy undercoat of cashmere goats. Very fine (19 microns or less) and at least 1.25” long.  It has been combed off the goats and put in a bag.  That’s it!

There is some guard hair and sometimes a little veggie matter.  Always a bit of good old Virginia clay dust. The funny bump pattern is created from the comb and they can help you see the guard hair. Guard hair is much thicker than the cashmere, sometimes it is white and sometimes black or gray. You can remove it by picking it out with your fingers. The good news is, since this fiber was hand combed from the goats early in the shedding season, there is much less guard hair than either shorn or late season combed cashmere.

Solitude Wool partner and shepherd of these cashmere goats, Kathy Reeds’s favorite way to spin it is from a cloud. Just dehair and spin!  She doesn’t wash it until afterwards. There’s no lanolin to stick to wheels or spindles.  Just dust. And that blows away. 

Briesbrook Farm is a producer member of the Chesapeake Fibershed


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