Clun Forest light

  • Clun Forest is a rare, heritage breed in the US. Prized for grass fed meat, they also grow a high quality, Down-type wool that has robust crimp and elasticity. Light, stretchy and soft. Great for light weight knitting such as baby items, scarves, shawls, sweaters. Low tensile strength. Machine washable without shrinkage.
  • -design: 2-ply, woolen spun
    -size: sport/baby weight, 12 wpi
    -suggested needles: 5 to 7 (US)
    -length: approximately 240 yards/219 meters
    -weight: 2.8 oz./ 79 grams
    -gauge: 5 sts. per inch on size 5 (US)
    -care: yarn is pre-washed. hand wash recommended but can be machine washed. machine drying will shrink approx 3% width and 10% length.
  • -fiber content: 100% Clun Forest wool.
    -fiber source: hand selected fleeces from Meadow Brook, Warrenton, VA; Blue Heron, Round Hill, VA and Shepherd’s Knoll in MD 

    Clun Forest Sheep 

    A breed from the Welsh border area of Britain, Clun Forest is a heritage breed in the US. Raised for meat and valued for their ability to grow well on pasture alone, they also grow a high quality, Down type wool that has robust crimp and elasticity. Clun fleece is fairly fine, with a short staple. Biggest problem with this wool can be breaks due to nutritional stress. Check fleeces carefully.

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