Corriedale & Corriedale Cross Yarn

  • A blend of pure bred Corriedale wool with Corriedale/Lincoln cross bred fleeces; Corriedale Yarn and Corriedale Cross Yarn is a Medium wool spun into a medium yarn…great all around knitting yarn suitable for a wide variety of projects including garments, hats, scarves, throws and mittens. The undyed yarn is a light, warm gray with heathery texture. Very comforting yarn.
  • -design: 2-ply, woolen spun; lots of bulk and elasticity. Good all around knitting yarn.
    -size: worsted weight, 12 wpi
    -suggested needles: 6 to 8 (US)
    -length: small skeins approximately 120 yards/109 meters; large skeins approximately 240 yards/219 meters
    -weight: small skeins: 2.5 oz./ 113-141 grams; large skeins: 5 oz/141 grams
    -gauge: varies between colors, 4-4.2 sts. per inch on sizes 8-9 (US)
    -care: yarn is pre-washed. hand wash warm with low agitation, lay flat to dry or can be dry cleaned.
  • -fiber source: hand selected Corriedale fleeces from Bay Haven Farm and Corriedale/Lincoln crosses from Waterford Wool, both in Loudoun County, Virginia
    -fiber content: 100% wool.
    Corriedale Sheep
    Corriedale sheep are big and grow a LOT of wool. Their fleece is Medium wool, which is pretty descriptive: the diameter is medium, so fairly soft yet medium strong. The staple length is good: 3.5 to 6 inches. We wish more people in our area would raise this breed. We love the wool and it's very versatile.

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