distanced now, Ktog soon! exclusive MDSW extras

  • We have never done a special colorway for a specific festival before, but we never experienced a pandemic before either. Social distancing is weird and feeling weirder every day! Trying to capture the experience in a skein of yarn, we offer  "distanced now, Ktog soon" a skein (or two) with two colors that are dyed as far apart as they can be. Knit with them (or crochet...), and the colors stitch together (we will be back together eventually!). 

    Each skein (or companion skeins) of our Dorset hike yarn was a custom order to be dyed post festival. These are extras not made for someone specific

    Missing someone that you want to connect with through knitting? Maybe a color that represents you and one that represents them, or the common colors you both love.... Whatever the concept, you will have the pleasure of thinking of them as you knit. And wouldn’t it be nice to send a gift to that person now? What a fun, uplifting surprise to receive during our imposed solitude. Get a skein for yourself and another for your special friend and each of you knit something? Get one skein and knit a gift for a non-knitting friend. Many possibilities....

  • -design: 3-ply, woolen spun
    -size: sport weight, 13 wpi
    -suggested needles: 3 to 4 (US) for socks, up to 8 for other
    -length: approximately 235 yards/215 meters (enough for a women's large, or men's average pair of socks
    -weight: 4.25 oz./ 120 grams
    -gauge: 7 sts. per inch on size 3 or 4 (US) for socks 
    -care: yarn is pre-washed. The Down type wool plus added nylon make this yarn machine washable. If knit tightly it can be dried in the dryer as well with only a small amount of shrinkage in the length. Of course, hand washing will maintain original appearance the best
  • -fiber source: hand selected fleeces from Millcreek Farms, Loudoun County, Virginia
    -fiber content: 80% Dorset wool, 20% nylon

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