Dorset Hike three color sock kits

A fun kit with even amounts of three different colors of the Dorset hike yarn, all wound into center pull balls and nicely stacked on bamboo. There is enough yarn for a pair of women’s large socks. We have worked out a color plan: First, select one of the colors to use as accent on both socks (cuff, heal and toe). Then you have choices; either make the leg and foot of each sock in the different remaining colors (they don't match) or use the two colors in stripes (either two row or four row) for both socks. Of can figure out your own plan (maybe stripes of all three colors or start and change colors on a whim?) Worthy of a gift, especially for yourself! Use your own pattern, or our basic one available free on Ravelry: Dorset hike three color socks

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