Karakul Yarn on cones

  • Solitude partner Sue Bundy raises Karakul sheep at her farm RedGate, so this is one our favorite wools, and we are one of the few sources of Karakul Yarn. Traditionally used for rugs, this yarn has not been spun tight enough for rug warp, but does great for weft. Same yarn as available in skeins if you want dyed colors.
  • design: 2-ply, semi-worsted spun with both coats together. Quite coarse, a little hairy and very strong!
    size: worsted weight, 13 wpi, black is a little heavier
    suggested use: rug weft yarn, not really strong enough for warp
    care: yarn is pre-washed. hand wash warm with NO agitation, lay flat to dry or can be dry cleaned.
  • fiber source: hand selected fleeces from RedGate Farm in Leesburg, Virginia
    fiber content: 100% Karakul wool.
    Karakul are possibly the oldest domesticated sheep breed. Rare in North America, Karakul are fat tail sheep native to Central Asia. A Primitive breed, they have a long hair outer coat that protects them from the weather and a softer down undercoat for warmth. They come in a wide range of natural colors from whites, to silvers, reds, gray and black. The fleece is sheared twice a year and has very little lanolin, making it easy to scour. It is one of the best felting wools.

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