Montadale Light Cones

  • The same two-ply, woolen spun yarn that we offer in skeins. We’ve added 10% nylon to improve washability. We have experimented with machine washing on regular AND drying in the dryer and finished project will shrink about 10% in one direction (length) and not much in the other direction. Finished items get softer, but lose a little stitch definition.
  • design: 2-ply, semi-worsted spun; lustrous and silky but uneven and a little slubby.
    size: sport weight, 14 wpi, 1300 yds per pound
    suggested use: warp and/or weft. Our friend Sandy Lund wove a beautiful baby blanket out of the undyed white in an 8 shaft basket weave using a sett of 10 epi.
    care: hand wash warm with low agitation, lay flat to dry or can be dry cleaned. Can machine wash and dry with some shrinkage.
  • fiber source: hand selected fleeces from Saffer's Montadales in Warwick, Maryland on the Eastern Shore
    fiber content: 90% Montadale wool. 10% nylon
    Montadale is a modern US breed developed in the 1930's in the mid-west from Cheviot rams with Columbia ewes. These sheep are raised for both meat and their exceptionally white wool which is in the "medium" range. Medium is right in the middle of all the types of wool and makes an excellent knitting yarn that is fairly soft but still fairly strong.

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