Tunis three-ply

  • Tunis is a Medium wool suited to many different projects and so is this yarn. A worsted weight, woolen spun, three-ply has great stitch definition. Especially good for cables, choose it for warm hats, mittens, cowls and scarves. Great sweater yarn (or vests, or ponchos or...)! Dyed with natural dyes, this very small batch of less than 200 skeins is completely dyed. This is all there is folks. 
  • design: three-ply, woolen spun
    size: worsted weight, 9 wpi
    suggested needles: 6 to 8 (US)
    length: approximately 175 yards/160 meters
    weight: 4 oz./113 grams
    gauge: 4.5 sts. per inch on sizes 7 (US)
  • dyeing: natural dyed, some colors can fade in light especially yellows and greens. Protect from light especially with label on. After making something with the yarn, it can fade naturally
  • care: hand wash in room temperature water with wool wash plus 1 Tbs. vinegar per gallon of water. Let soak at least an hour, rinse in same temperature water plus vinegar
  • fiber source: hand selected fleeces from Beaucaire Farm in Purcellville, Virginia and Three Sheep in Barboursville, Virginia 
    fiber content: 100% Tunis wool.
    Brought into America during colonial times (George Washington had a Tunis ram), Tunis is well adapted to the humid mid-Atlantic region. They are a very beautiful sheep; the lambs are born all cinnamon color (red in the sheep world) and as they grow up, their fleece turns white while they maintain red faces and legs. The wool is Medium: medium soft, medium length and is a very versatile wool.

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