Dear customers, collaborators, friends,

We want to let you know that the time has arrived for us to fold up Solitude Wool’s skirting tables, empty our dye pots, and put away our skeining equipment.

We are filled with gratitude for your support, encouragement and friendship for the last 18 years (plus the four before that when Gretchen was handspinning yarn from her farm, Solitude).  We are forever grateful.  Thank you!


Passing the torch?

We know we are biased, but we truly believe Solitude Wool is special. We are not aware of anyone else quite like Solitude Wool — hand selecting breed-specific fleeces from small local farms, in our case within the Chesapeake Fibershed, then sending it to small mills in the US which have the specific equipment and knowledge to highlight that breed’s characteristics, and then repeating the process with another breed and another and another to build a collection of breed-specific yarns. We wish there were others.  We really do.  Although we are unable to continue on this particular wooly journey, we truly wish someone would be willing to take Solitude Wool’s legacy and make it their own wonderful wooly adventure. We realize the number of us interested in devoting endless hours to this labor of wooly love is limited. However, if you, or someone you think of, may be interested in buying the business, or in buying inventory or equipment, please contact me, Gretchen, directly at or 540-554-2312 (my landline).

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