About Down Type Wool

Still fairly fine and soft, Down type wool has unique properties of resilience, elasticity, washability (non-felting) and insulation that are fabulous for many end uses, especially socks, everyday wear, bedding etc. 

Down Wool Diagram | Solitude Wool

On the sheep: the length of staple is even shorter than many Fine wools (less than four inches in one year’s growth). The robust crimp is what gives this wool it’s unique abilities: fibers have crimp in several directions including spiral which make them so springy they resist felting or compaction. Looking at a lock, you can’t see an organized crimp pattern, fibers are going all over the place. The appearance is matte or low lustre. Micron count is 24-34 (somewhat close to diameter of Fine wools).

Down and Down type breeds: Dorset, Dorset Down, Horned Dorset, Clun Forest, Shropshire, Suffolk, Hampshire, Welsh Mountain

Choose this type of wool for woolen spinning. Great for baby wear, socks, fine fabrics woven or knitted, blankets and tweeds. Great for warm woolen mittens, hats, scarves, sweaters or throws. Batting is excellent for mattress pads, comforters and quilts.