wool is great!

Wool is a natural fiber that has pretty amazing abilities:

  • it is strong, flexible and durable
  • it will keep you warm even when wet which is why it’s critical when hiking...or other outdoor activity 
  • wool wicks away moisture from your body (it can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture), keeping you comfortable and making it the very best fiber for socks
  • it is naturally antibacterial (also great for socks!)
  • flame resistant (unlike cotton)
  • retards dirt needing infrequent washing (unlike cotton)
  • like other natural fibers, it breathes
  • most wool is elastic and has memory: it will hold and return to its shape as well as being wrinkle resistant
  • it comes in many natural colors, plus it dyes easily and beautifully
  • wool is easy to spin, easy to knit with and is a great weaving fiber
  • most wool can felt (Down type wool does not)