Rhinebeck 2020 will be virtual. We will be planning some specials. stay tuned!




Virtual Public Knitoxication 2020

Sponsored by the Fiberists

Saturday, June 20th from noon to 6:00 pm (our specials continue Sunday)

Livestream schedule: available live only, on YouTube or Facebook 

We are especially looking forward to hearing Creative CeCi (who you may know from Instagram) do a keynote style presentation on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Social Justice in the Fiber Community to begin the event at noon.

You will be able to ask questions via a chat room during the event. We look forward to interacting with you during our livestream and we will continue to both watch and monitor comments and questions during the Livestream.

Noon - 1:00 PM Welcome & Keynote with Cecilia Nelson-Hurt 
1:00 Solitude Wool
1:15 ATHaynesHouse Yarns
1:30 Passion KNITS Yarn
1:45 Urban Girl Yarns 
2:00 Avalon Springs Farm
2:15 Flying Goat Farm
2:30 Three Ravens Studio
2:45 Double 8 Alpaca Ranch
3:00 - 3:30
Karida Collins (From Neighborhood Fiber Company) talking about the new NFC Momentum Fund
3:30 Wild Hare Fiber Studio
3:45 Shelli Can
4:00 Feederbrook Farm LLC
4:15 Shirsty Cat Designs
4:30 Dancing Leaf Farm
4:45 Bad Wolf Girl Studios
5:00 Oink Pigments
5:15 Bead Biz
5:30 - 6:00 The Fiberists and Wrap up


We are going to donate 100% (or more if we feel sales are short) of the profit from sales on Saturday and Sunday to The Momentum Fund started by Neighborhood Fiber Company in Baltimore. Karida Collins, owner of The Neighborhood Fiber Company will be speaking about it at 3:00 during the livestream. Update: we calculate we had $414.98 in profits for sales during Public Knitoxication (and a couple more on Sunday). The Woolies all agree that we will round that up to $500 donation to the NFC Momentum Fund with the rest of the Fiberists pool.

For the weekend (Saturday 5:30 am to Sunday 9:00 pm) we are offering free shipping in the US

Dyed special colorways in fond remembrance of actually being at Fabbioli Cellars for this event and enjoying wine slushies from the wine bar next to our booth!


 Cheers! Hope you can join us!




Clun Forest Farm Field Day logo


Postponed: we will post as soon as it's safe to schedule a new date.  

original date was Sunday, April 19th, 2020 

We will contacted those who have already purchased tickets with options for refund or to hang on. If you think this will be EXTRA fun after we have all been stuck at home, please feel free to buy a ticket now. We will have this event...sometime! Good news is we have bought fresh Clun Forest fleeces this spring from several farms including Blue Heron and are sending it off to the mill for more of our Clun Forest yarn and fresh roving. We will be well stocked when we can meet for Farm Field Day.

Eventbrite - Farm Field Day: Clun Forest 

Enjoy a farm experience this Spring (🤞) and learn as you explore the fleece, history and special qualities of a heritage breed: Clun Forest. Blue Heron Farm is a beautiful small farm in western Loudoun County, Virginia, about 60 miles west of Washington DC

Not recommended for small children. Please leave your pets at home.

*You can buy tickets to any of the paid classes below during your ticket purchase on Eventbrite.  They are located under "additional items".  


The Gentle Art of Drop Spinning with Caroline Hockenberry - 12:30 - 2:00 pm ($45) limit 8

Those who are knitters and crocheters are already aware of the visual and tactile benefits of the fiber arts. Drop spinning adds a deeper connection to our love of yarn. This simple act, using an inexpensive, centuries old tool, is a peaceful moving meditation, with the added benefit of creating a useful end product. What seems like magic, watching twist and fiber turn into handspun yarn on a spindle, is a step-by-step process easily learned in this hands-on workshop. Go home with the skills to make your own magic with this simple, portable tool, and fiber. No previous spinning experience necessary.

Supplies provided: 
Clun Forest Roving

Supplies to bring: (or may be purchased from the instructor for $10.00)
1.5-1.75oz. Top whorl drop spindle

Intentional Spinning with Caroline Hockenberry - 2:30 - 4:00 pm ($45) limit 8

Can you spin a continuous strand of yarn on your wheel? Then you’re ready to begin unlocking the secrets of take-up, twist ratio and drafting, to create yarn with intention. In this workshop we’ll use Clun Forest roving, wheel mechanics, and woolen and worsted drafting techniques to create two very different yarns. The first will be a consistent bulky single, and the second a lofty two-ply using long draw. We’ll address specific adjustments for each student’s wheel, and also discuss how various fibers and fiber prep affect your handspun yarn.

Supplies provided:
Clun Forest Roving

Supplies to bring:
Spinning Wheel or e-spinner (no spindles, please)
Empty bobbin
Oil for wheel/e-spinner
Note taking supplies 


Cable Knitting with Kathy Reed - 12:30 - 2:00 ($45) limit 12


Accelerate your cable projects by learning to skip that third needle. It’s easier than you think. Class includes:
- When and how to knit cables without a cable needle
- Discussion of yarn choices for cable projects
- Reading cable charts
- Keeping track of where you are in your knitting
- 50 yds of Clun Forest 3-ply yarn
Students should bring a pair of US 8 needles (straight, circular or double pointed) 
Cost: $45 for 90 mins

Knitting with Worsted and Woolen Spun Yarn - a FREE sit and knit with Kathy Reed 2:30 - 4:00 pm

Bring your work in progress or start a new one. We’ll have a swift and winder on hand. If you bring your WIP, be sure to also bring the yarn label!

We’ll discuss the difference in the yarns’ preparation, spinning, looks, feel, behavior, resulting fabric and life cycle. We’ve got some ideas, and look forward to hearing yours!