our story

it starts on the farm

We are two Loudoun County, Virginia shepherds who love wool — Gretchen Frederick and Sue Bundy. Both of us are members and past-presidents of the Loudoun Valley Sheep Producers, a club in our area that mentors new shepherds and promotes sheep, lamb, wool and local agriculture. In 2006 we started this small business to use some of the wonderful wool from so many breeds of sheep right around us that was being thrown out because there wasn’t a decent market for it. 

Both of us (and most of our helpers) are hand-spinners. We apply that knowledge to create a range of special breed specific yarns from sheep raised in our local fiber shed which we define as the area of the Chesapeake watershed. Each fleece that goes into our yarn is hand selected by us, so only good wool goes into our yarns and roving.

Different breeds of sheep grow very different types of wool: from soft Fine wools, Medium wools, springy Down types, all the way to lustrous Longwools and Primitive double coated fleeces. Keeping our batches small and breed specific lets us design each yarn to exemplify the character of the fiber. We select mills from within the US that have the right equipment and knowledge to spin to our specifications.

The color that comes from the sheep is truly the most beautiful… but we love dyed color too. Gretchen has a background in art, and hand dyes all our yarns in either weak acid (vinegar) synthetic dyes or natural dyes, many of which are grown on our farms or collected locally. We don’t have standard color ways or color formulas, each dye lot is unique, so we suggest buying more than you think you need. We will buy back any unopened skeins.

We hope you love working with our yarn…there are sheep nearby that worked hard to grow such good wool. Read more about us here.