our story

it starts on the farm

We are five partners: shepherds and fiber artists, who love wool!

Together with help from small local flocks of different breeds of sheep and small American mills for processing, we create small batch yarns and fibers. There are hundreds of breeds of sheep and they grow amazingly different types of wool. We are lucky in the mid-Atlantic to have many farms raising and preserving diverse breeds, some endangered, some heritage breeds and many many breeds that you won’t find in commercial yarns.

Our mission is to support and promote sheep and the farms that keep them by paying a fair price for wool, crediting every source and creating an appreciation of different types of wool in fiber artists (that’s you!). Starting with hand selected fleece, we design each yarn to complement the type of wool. We select a US mill with the equipment and ability to spin it...or create roving for us. Most of the time we get the yarn back on cones. From there, the yarn is skeined then either washed and labeled if it’s sold undyed or goes to Gretchen’s farm to be hand dyed. Some batches of yarn are dyed with natural dyes, some with weak-acid synthetic dyes, but each 4 pound dyelot is unique (no formulas or repeat colorways). All dyed yarns are rinsed (and rinsed and rinsed...) then reskeined. 

We have yarns for knitting, crocheting, weaving and prepared fiber.  We hope you love working with our yarn.