We've been looking forward to this, and planning and preparing for this, and now the big moment is upon us!  Are you packed and ready to go?  Hope so, because we hope to see you there!

This is what we've packed, which is another way of saying, this is what will not be available on our website until we return and put everything away on 10/25/23 (but all our other yarns are still available online for purchase 😁):

  • Border Leicester sport,
  • Clun Forest light,
  • Cotswold true lace,
  • Dorset hike,
  • Karakul yarn,
  • Llama-rama,
  • Montadale true woolen,
  • Romney semi-worsted,
  • Romney Mohair, 
  • Targhee 2-ply,
  • Tunis 3-ply,
  • Roving & washed fleece, &
  • Solitude Wool custom woven throws.

We are bringing some new, never-before-seen, colors, which we are VERY excited to show you.  Indigo dyed Border Leicester is packed, along with this year's Rhinebow which is on…… (drum roll)…… our lovely Clun Forest light!  There is not one, but two versions of Rhinebow this year!!  Both lean towards a more mature and less whimsical, but no less inspirational, take on the rainbow we saw over the Hudson River some years ago while we were visiting Rhinebeck.

 close up of special colorway: wetlands Rhinebow. shows rich intense darker rainbow colors plus a predominance of greens

"Wetlands Rhinebow" has colors that are reminiscent of festive Scandinavian decorations.  Perfect for adding some color to drab winter days.


"Rhinebow cliff" has a more muted palette that captures the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley on a hazy autumn morning.

No matter which color you pick, Clun Forest light is an excellent yarn for vests, blankets, or any finished product that may need to get tossed in the washer and dryer.  Clun Forest is a Down-type wool that resists felting and shrinking.  Read more about that here.

With this superpower Clun Forest light is the perfect yarn for The Livestock Conservancy's current SE2SE Fiber Challenge: Babes & Tots.

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