North Country Cheviot/Romney cones

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Inspired by North Country Cheviot’s Scottish heritage, we designed this yarn to make traditional English tweeds. Weave enough for a skirt or vest and then knit a shawl to match. This yarn is compatible with the Romney/mohair yarn which has lots of natural dyed colors if you care to weave a plaid or knit colorwork.
yarn character: woolen spun single. Beautiful heathered color created by blending white and natural color (the Romney) fleeces. Good for weaving and knitting. Knitting the single can bias off square a little bit.
fiber content/ care: 60% North Country Cheviot, 40% Romney wool. Yarn on cones still has spinning oil from mill. Will full. Weaving, wash and full to desired amount. Waulking recommended 😁. Knitting: suggest skeining and pre washing or knit a swatch and wash that to evaluate gauge. Hand wash warm with low agitation (or more agitation to full), lay flat to dry.
    size: fingering, 25 wpi 1575 yds per pound
 batch: NCC3611

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